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The Biblically Sound Woman is a podcast that is Gospel-driven and Scripture-focused! We encourage and equip women of God to become Biblically sound teachers and lovers of The Word of God! Laden with wittiness and poise, you can look forward to hearing and learning how God's Word and your everyday life as a Christian woman, make a beautiful collision!


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The host

Ayanna Thomas is the founder and host of The Biblically Sound Woman. She resides in the Atlanta area and travels for a living as a flight attendant for a major US airline. She enjoys reading, studying the Bible, teaching the Bible to women, grocery shopping, taking long drives and eating applesauce. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her website at

EPISODE NO. 7 | Can we speak things into existence?

When God spoke creation into existence, there were no human creations present to join Him in that endeavor. Why? Because in order for us to be present before creation, that would mean that we would have to be God, and that we are not.

Many people believe that they can create their reality by speaking what they desire to see manifest or happen. In a culture where "declaring and decreeing" is super popular, we thought it helpful to address a common fallacy that plagues both Christians and non-Christians today.

In this episode, Ayanna guides listeners through what The Bible teaches about "speaking things into existence", who that power really belongs to and breaks down what the proof-texts that are used to support the unbiblical belief that one can, actually mean in light of the entire story line of Scripture.

It is our hope that by the end of this episode, you will be challenged to revisit God's Word on the passages taught through, if you have fallen into the false belief that you can control and create realities with your words.


What Is A Healthy Church Member by Thabiti Anyabwile


• Matthew 21:18-22 | • 1 John 5:14 | • Romans 4:17 | • Mark 11:12-14, 20-15, 13:28-31 | • Jeremiah 8:13 | • Joshua 10:12-15 | • Habakkuk 3:1-11


• Article | "Death & Life Are In The Power of The Tongue" by H.B. Charles

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Devotions are good, but they've gotta be done right. And a huge way in which we can do them rightly, is by having them built upon a knowledge of The Bible through consistent and focused study of God's Word. If we aren't careful, we can take a time that is for setting our hearts on God, and turn it into a time to search The Bible for ways to medicate our rough mornings and situations.

In this episode, Ayanna tackles 3 ways studying The Bible helps us guard against selfish devotions:

(1) It starts us on a good foundation of knowing God’s Word in context.
(2) It reminds us that daily devotion time isn’t meant for flipping to random verses to seek encouragement, but to remember that all of Scripture points to Jesus.
(3) It helps us to know God and His Word rightly because we’ve divided His Word of truth the way He’s called us to.

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Bible study is one of the MOST important lifelines to a Christian's life. Not only does studying The Bible teach us about who God is, but it also shows us how we are to live in light of what has been revealed about Him throughout the entire redemptive history of Scripture. In this episode, Ayanna offers 4 different things to consider when studying God's Word for a healthy and proficient outcome when going before the text! She discusses Bible translations, the one key component you cannot live without, as well as tips for different methods to employ during your personal study time!


• 1 Corinthians 2:14 • Ephesians 1:14 • John 16:13-15; 14:26 • 2 Peter 1:20-21

• Psalm 103:10 • Luke 24:27


Crossway's ESV Study Bible

Crossway's Classic Reference Bible

She Reads Truth CSB Bible

CSB Bible

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episode no. 4 | EMPTY CUP, EMPTY TOMB

Ayanna confronts the works-based performance and legalistic mindsets that we as Christian women often approach our relationship with God, our justification through faith and our daily Christian living with. In this episode, she discusses why two cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith: (1) the substitutionary death and atonement of Christ and (2) the resurrection of Christ, hold lasting implications, for what it means for the salvation security of those who believe by the gifted faith of God. Ayanna also explains what "double imputation" means for the Christian woman and why landfills aren't where we've been called to live. If you've ever struggled with believing that there is nothing left for you to add to your standing before God, but to receive the unmerited favor of God, this episode is for you.

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episode no. 3 | The Local Church, Urban Discipleship & The Gospel

Ayanna interviews in this episode Brandi Richardson who disciples and teaches the Bible to college-aged women in the AUC! She reaches women in the Spelman, Clark Atlanta and Morehouse networks, in Atlanta, GA. The ladies talk the importance of the local church and its value to Believers, what discipleship is like in an urban context and how The Gospel drives her ministry efforts.

You can connect with Brandi via Instagram (@alwaysbrandi) or watch her on YouTube by searching, "Always Brandi."

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episode no. 2 | How The Lord Brought Me Out Of False teaching

Ayanna shares in this episode her experience with false teaching, how God brought her out of it, and what she wants women to know about how to get out of it themselves. Saturated with wittiness, truth and The Gospel, she encourages women to test themselves to see if they are in the faith, to ask why they believe what they believe and to regard The Bible for what it is!

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Episode No. 1 | What is a biblically sound woman?

Ayanna addresses a common thought that crosses the brains of many women: "What is a Biblically Sound Woman?" Is it an elitist clique only for women who own books by Spurgeon and Piper? Can only women who are apart of certain theological convictions be marked as this type of woman? Ayanna tackles and shares 10 qualities that are founded upon Biblical truths and encouraged to be found amongst Christian women.

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