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And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good...
— Genesis 1:31, ESV





In the first book of the Protestant Bible, tells of the beginning of God’s good Word through creation, in Genesis. We learn of how the world came to be, how creation around us came to be, and how human life came to be.

Here in God’s story, we get to discover who God is, who He has made us to be, what His character is like, how human rebellion impacts the great storyline of Scripture, the promises and covenants that carry our future hope and expected return of Christ and answers some of the deepest questions we have about the Christian faith.

Join The Biblically Sound Woman this Fall semester in Atlanta, GA, for a 10-week study, unearthing the powerful truths of God’s good Word, housed in Genesis chapters 1-11. Our study kick-off is Thursday, August 15th @ 7:00 PM at East Point Church. We will provide light refreshments each week, so be sure to indicate any dietary restrictions, allergies and the like, during registration!




study material

We will walk through Jen Wilkin’s “God of Creation” study on Genesis chapters 1-11! Jen Wilkin is an amazing Bible teacher whose curriculum is perfect for any woman, no matter her level of Bible literacy. This study will help you think critically about the text, use tools to guide your Bible reading, and to help you study intentionally.

Each week, you will be expected to have completed the homework before our meeting time, so that you can be empowered to learn on your own. When we meet together, we will have breakout time to review the lesson in community with other women in your group. Afterwards, Ayanna will lead the teaching time, where we walk through that week’s homework and assigned reading together!


We believe that God’s Word was not written as other types of books are today. While composed of many different genres and types of literature within the 66-book canon, God’s Word is set in a historical context in the Eastern part of the world, fixed in a culture that is unique from the one most Westerners are used to, and requires that we study with those things in mind.

Our approach to Scripture is one that requires we use careful tools and methods to stay on the line of Scripture. Using a slightly modified version of the Inductive Study Method, we will be following:

[C]omprehension | What does the text say?

[I]nterpretation | What does the text mean?

[A]pplication | How does this apply to my life, within its proper context?

In our time together, we will learn practical and basic tools of interpretation, that will aid us in studying God’s Word. We don’t want to treat it like a magazine or a cookbook recipe. We will employ measures to help us see God’s good Word for all it’s worth, as we work verse-by-verse through The Scriptures.




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・A copy of the God of Creation study book by Jen Wilkin. It can be found here at for $13.99.

A bible. The study we’re walking through uses the English Standard Version Bible translation, so we ask that you use that translation when working through your homework. You are more than welcome to use other word-for-word and thought-for-thought translations to read and better understand the text, but for the study we will work from the ESV! If you don’t own an ESV, no biggie, feel free to checkout and print out a copy of the text to mark up and read!

An open heart. We get the privilege of serving an inter-denominational group of women who come from all types of different backgrounds theologically! It is our aim to walk through God’s Word together, despite our differences theologically and strive to love Him with all of our minds. To do this, we want to enter into the learning environment with love, care and compassion. God just may surprise you in challenging your deeply held beliefs about Him and His Word.






We will meet weekly on every Thursday from August 15th through November 14th, @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM! We will break every 4th Thursday of each month and pickup on the following Thursday at East Point Church!

Week 1: “Genesis Introduction” | August 15th

Week 2: “The God Who Was In The Beginning” (Gen. 1:1) | August 29th*

Week 3: “Six Days And A Rest” (Gen. 1:1-2:3) | September 5th

Week 4: “Created In The Image Of God” (Gen. 2:4-25) | September 12th

Week 5: “Paradise Lost” (Gen. 3) | September 19th

Week 6: “Cain And Abel” (Gen 4:1-16) | October 3rd**

Week 7: “Named And Known” (Gen. 4:17-6:8 | October 10th

Week 8: “The Flood” (Gen. 6:9-8:14) | October 17th

Week 9: “God’s Covenant With Noah” (Gen. 8:15-9:29) | October 31st*

Week 10: “Dispersion And Descent” (Gen. 10-11) | November 7th

Week 11: “Genesis Q&A + End Of Semester Social” | November 14th


(*) Indicates that the week before is a bye-week.

(**) Indicates that the week before is a bye-week and will also have a guest teacher filling in for Ayanna.






The study will be held weekly at East Point Church in East Point GA.

2950 Sylvan Road, East Point, GA 30344

MARTA Transit (Public Transportation)

There is a MARTA bus stop for bus 172 at the bottom of the church driveway-

From the College Park MARTA Station: Bus 172 toward Oakland City station

From the East Point MARTA Station: Bus 78 to Cleveland Ave and .5 mile walk

From the Oakland City MARTA Station: Bus 172 toward College Park station




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