episode no. 9 | Clinging To God In A Purpose-Driven Culture

With so many pushes to find, to define and walk in your “purpose”, “calling”, and “destiny”, I wanted to bring attention to a prolific wife, mother, author, speaker, Bible teacher, director/producer/songwriter/artist/all the things, voice and woman to join us as we unpack this needed topic!

Kim Cash Tate is all of the above and more. In this episode, Ayanna asks Kim a series of questions that help us to frame our pursuit of God to embody that of one who desires to cling to Him more and more, each day.

episode no. 4 | Empty Cub, Empty Tomb

Ayanna confronts the works-based performance and legalistic mindsets that we as Christian women often approach our relationship with God, our justification through faith and our daily Christian living with. In this episode, she discusses why two cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith: (1) the substitutionary death and atonement of Christ and (2) the resurrection of Christ, hold lasting implications, for what it means for the salvation security of those who believe by the gifted faith of God.

episode no. 3 | The Local Church, Urban Discipleship & The Gospel

Ayanna interviews in this episode Brandi Richardson who disciples and teaches the Bible to college-aged women in the AUC! She reaches women in the Spelman, Clark Atlanta and Morehouse networks, in Atlanta, GA. The ladies talk the importance of the local church and its value to Believers, what discipleship is like in an urban context and how The Gospel drives her ministry efforts.

episode no. 1 | What Is A Biblically Sound Woman?

Ayanna addresses a common thought that crosses the brains of many women: "What is a Biblically Sound Woman?" Is it an elitist clique only for women who own books by Spurgeon and Piper? Can only women who are apart of certain theological convictions be marked as this type of woman? Ayanna tackles and shares 10 qualities that are founded upon Biblical truths and encouraged to be found amongst Christian women.