episode no. 6 | Bible Study Helps Guard Against Selfish Devotions

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Show Notes

Devotions are good, but they've gotta be done right. And a huge way in which we can do them rightly, is by having them built upon a knowledge of The Bible through consistent and focused study of God's Word. If we aren't careful, we can take a time that is for setting our hearts on God, and turn it into a time to search The Bible for ways to medicate our rough mornings and situations.

In this episode, Ayanna tackles 3 ways studying The Bible helps us guard against selfish devotions:

(1) It starts us on a good foundation of knowing God’s Word in context.
(2) It reminds us that daily devotion time isn’t meant for flipping to random verses to seek encouragement, but to remember that all of Scripture points to Jesus.
(3) It helps us to know God and His Word rightly because we’ve divided His Word of truth the way He’s called us to.

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