episode no. 8 | Why Context Matters

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Show Notes

Context matters in every sphere of life. From when we turn on our televisions to when we read a comment on an article online, it's so important.

God intends for us to read His Word in context when we study it. This should and will impact our beliefs, the way we teach The Bible and so much more.

Join Ayanna as she unpacks why context matters, the different types of context, and as she answers a question from a listener about seminary.


Delighting In Authority: How To Create A Culture Of Happy Complimentarians by Whitney Woollard


• 2 Samuel 11-12

• Psalm 51

 • Leviticus 15

 • Deuteronomy


• Article | Delighting In Authority: How To Create A Culture Of Happy Complementarians (http://bit.ly/2YTAoZj)

• Whitney’s website (https://www.whitneywoollard.com/) where you can access more of her writing.

• Simeon Trust courses and workshops (http://bit.ly/2Uotk3m)

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